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Vision: It's quite good. But please mind the small details and how you seperate the body parts of the character. The clothes wrinkles n...

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Entry for Caomha's contest!! by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Entry for Caomha's contest!! :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 2 2
Oikawa Tooru x Reader (( Falling in love))
"Huh?" - Oikawa breathes out quietly to himself, questioning. The volleyball loving dork was on his way to volleyball practice like usual when he hears a melodious voice ringing up elegantly like bells somewhere in the schoolground. He could faintly understand what the voice was singing. 
 ~~ Sekai wa koi ni ochiteiru  hikari no ya mune wo sasu 
      Kimi wo wakaritainda yo 
      "Nee, oshiete"
      Surechigau kotoba ni chotto dake no koukai namida koborete 
      Isogashii kanjou  kodou ni RINKU suru 
      CHUUNINGU tashikametainda
      Mokuteki bakka ni torawarete 
      Daiji na mono ga kasunde nigete 
      Kyou mo RISUTAAT
:iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 5 0
Coloured III by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Coloured III by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 4 4 Flower girl by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Flower girl by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 1 0 8 styles to draw eyes by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 8 styles to draw eyes by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 5 7 Pretty Princess drawn by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Pretty Princess drawn by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 2 0 'Don't change'  drawn by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 'Don't change' drawn by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 1 0 Vibrant pink Hasuno by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Vibrant pink Hasuno :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 2 0
Misunderstanding (Oikawa Tooru x Reader)
Note: (h/l): hair length
     (h/c): hair color
     (s/c) : skin color
Super late submission for AngelicInferno's contest.
   Theme: Opposites (I think I get a bit off topic in the story plot ==')
'(Name)(Surname) is a shy, sweet girl' - that is what everyone in Aoba Jousai High would say about the new transfer student. She has cute (h/l)(h/c) hair and (s/c) skin, a soft appearance along with good scores. As soon as she was transfered here, she quickly fit into the school despite her shy personality. With likable appearance, she also becomes popular with the majority of students there. Including a certain annoying chocolate brown-haired setter. Oikawa was somehow drawn to the timid girl in spite of the polar opposites in their traces.
The situation was completely diffirent to the second-year girl ever since the day she met him. She was only being polite to the third-year on their first encouter when she complimented ab
:iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 9 0
Aquatic girl drawn by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Aquatic girl drawn by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 5 0 Simple happy girl drawn by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Simple happy girl drawn by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 2 0 'Miss Airhead' drawn by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 'Miss Airhead' drawn by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 4 0 'Akira' drawn by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 'Akira' drawn by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 7 1 Hoshizora Rin cover by Rayne (attempt #2) by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Hoshizora Rin cover by Rayne (attempt #2) :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 6 2 Hoshizora Rin cover by Rayne (first attempt) by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Hoshizora Rin cover by Rayne (first attempt) :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 2 0 Scarf portrait by Rayne by RayneTheAnimeTrash96 Scarf portrait by Rayne :iconraynetheanimetrash96:RayneTheAnimeTrash96 2 0


Yandere simulator Pak sketches by Gekatinia Yandere simulator Pak sketches :icongekatinia:Gekatinia 61 2 Uekiya Engeika by MulberryDreamer Uekiya Engeika :iconmulberrydreamer:MulberryDreamer 130 5 Yandere kun Yandere simulator by Gekatinia Yandere kun Yandere simulator :icongekatinia:Gekatinia 110 9 Yakuza artwork bunch for [Yandere simulator] by Mioki-Kanta Yakuza artwork bunch for [Yandere simulator] :iconmioki-kanta:Mioki-Kanta 204 14 AyanoxTaeko Date by MulberryDreamer AyanoxTaeko Date :iconmulberrydreamer:MulberryDreamer 293 34
Strong Enough (Bakugou Katsuki x Fem!Reader)
In the few hours before nightfall, a youthful blond makes his way home after an eventful autumn day at school. His teeth grind as he plays the scene in his head, his vexation grows as thoughts of what he should have done cloud his mind. Clicking his tongue, he kicks a can towards the setting sun and takes his usual shortcut through the park, the crisp fallen leaves crunch beneath his feet. He sulks further into himself and huffs into his muffler, shoulders raised and hands shoved deep into his uniform's pockets.

"Katsuki!" a voice shrieks with all its might.

Bakugou stops in his tracks, turning around to find a teary eyed girl in a different uniform running towards him at full speed. Caught off guard, he barely has enough time to brace for impact before she crashes into him and knocks him onto his back with a thud.

"Katsuki!" she yells once again, the tremble in her voice more prevalent this time.

Frustrated, the blond tears the girl away from
:iconjeluvs2laugh:JEluvs2laugh 175 18
jealousy. | armin x reader
Now, Armin wasn't your average, well built, most attractive, masculine,
you see where i'm going with this.
He usually wasn't a begger, he didn't always get what he wanted, and wasn't one to obsess over things besides the ocean, books, and his freedom in general,
but god dammit, he'd never want anything more than he wanted her.
He thought she was perfect. She was an amazing soldier, and even though she didn't make it in the top ten after training, she was still a very close second, being number 11. She was beautiful, gorgeous even, the way her silky hair moved with her and bounced effortlessly, the way her bright eyes shined, and how breathtakingly adorable her smile and laugh were. She was like, an angel.
So, what's the problem?
His best friend, Eren Jaeger.
Armin was heartbroken when he figured out Eren had a thing for {name}. He'd always assumed he and Mikasa would become a thing. But, he was mistaken. No one ever seemed concerned or phased whenever Eren would go on
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 30 11
sick. | oikawa x reader
you slammed your fist down on your digital alarm clock on your bedside table. groaning, you rolled over in your bed, grabbing the covers and pulling them over your head. after dozing off for a couple minutes, you heard your phone ring loudly, and groaned again, ignoring it. after a few more rings, you heard a knock on your door. after the person behind it recognized no response, you could hear the door creak slowly, and seconds later felt a poke on your back. cue a sneeze.
"{name}-chan?" ah, so it was Tooru, as you predicted. "If you don't get up you're going to be late for school." he said, poking you again. you groaned. "I don't think i'm going to school today." you said, turning over to face Tooru. you completely engulfed yourself in covers, but Tooru could see your red nose and the dried snot coming down it. he cringed. disgusting. "Are you sick?" he asked, walking closer to your bed. you glared at him. "What do you think?" you snapped, s
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 15 2
i like you! | midoriya x reader
mutter, mutter, mutter, mutter...
"the possibilities of this are endless. on one hand, she could reject me, ignore me forever no matter how much i try to approach her, she could slap me in front of everyone, or, worse, she could say she likes kacchan instead of me-"
izuku snapped out of his thoughts, and turned around to look at you. you huffed out your cheeks. "finally! what's wrong?" you asked, and izuku stared at you blankly for a moment, then turned around, not answering you.
he's not answering me!
"deku-chan! what on earth is wrong with you?!" you asked, hitting the top of his head with a textbook. izuku turned back around to look at you. "w-well, i..uh.." he stuttered, not looking you in the eye anymore. you've never been this confused. and he's never been this nervous around you. "t-there's this one girl i want to confess to, and, well, uh..i'm scared to." he sheepishly said, his face growing redder and redder. you
:icondemoticdreams:demoticdreams 20 5
Wallpaper HerrHildezart 2 by hoschie Wallpaper HerrHildezart 2 :iconhoschie:hoschie 6,565 1,548 Emilia by Arusuko Emilia :iconarusuko:Arusuko 11 1 Hizamakura by Arusuko Hizamakura :iconarusuko:Arusuko 15 0 Rem by Arusuko Rem :iconarusuko:Arusuko 96 2 Fan art: Rem by chechoski Fan art: Rem :iconchechoski:chechoski 327 41 cherry blossom by DiegoVainilla cherry blossom :icondiegovainilla:DiegoVainilla 736 44 Too lazy to think about title by Hikarikinoshita Too lazy to think about title :iconhikarikinoshita:Hikarikinoshita 41 20


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You can call me Viscaria or Rayne. I'm 15. I'm an animal lover. I like anime and manga. I'm obsessed with music. I'm total trash for BTS. You can also meet me on Wattpad, Quotev and Youtube. I write fanfic, draw, paint, sketch, sing and dream.


Entry for Caomha's contest!!
The arms are a bit off, I know and I wish the background was better but oh well... I hope you liked it!!
Does any of you guys have a Smule account? It's an app to sing and blah blah blah, many features else... But do you have one? If you have one, why don't we follow each other? My account is ViscaRayneKun96. I've only made it recently so there's only one sone there but it's my first time so the singing is not that good. *Shy problems* Anyway, pls check it out. I appreciate it... A LOT!!!!! i'LL EVEN GIVE YOU A LLAMA!!!! pls Bendy the Demon icon~F2U Bendy the Demon icon~F2U Bendy the Demon icon~F2U 
*lowkey not really desperate*


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